Junge Nacht / Museum Ludwig

Project Info:

After having seen our installation at the Flow Aesthetics Exhibition in KISD, we were asked by Museum Ludwig to create an installation for their annual kunst:dialoge. For the 2013 edition we than build two low-poly sculptures out of white carton, which were approximately 3×3 meters, mirroring each other across the entire room. We than used projection mapping techniques and MadMapper to configure the beamers, allowing us to only project on the sculpture. At the finissage we vjayed live to better engage with the liveset of the djay and the audience, showing the different 2D and 3D visuals, which we created using Cinema4D and After Effects. Resolume Arena was used for the mixing of the different visuals. Later we than filmed the installation and I edited the video (no additional effects were applied to the figure or projections in the video).